A quick post

Challenge Day 4 I only have a few minutes to post today. I think my two year old will be waking up soon from his nap. I've been scanning in the cloths that I've knit over the last two days and adding the pictures to the patterns and some general website stuff and now I'm almost out of time. Today's pattern is a Thanksgiving related one. I think it's a completely different pattern than any I've seen, but maybe someone has done something similar and I've just not come across it. Here's the picture: Mayflower Dishcloth It's a design of The Mayflower. I thought it was appropriate for Thanksgiving in the U.S. For those of you who are not familiar with U.S. history, The Mayflower is the boat that carried the pilgrims from England to New England and they founded Plymouth colony. After they had managed to survive the first year, they celebrated with the First Thanksgiving, or so the story goes. If you are a history buff and into complete accuracy, please do not email me and tell me that it doesn't look exactly like The Mayflower. I know that, but it is just a dishcloth, and it is pretty close! Like all the others, it is available for purchase on the New page for $1.49. Also, if you had attempted to purchase the Dragonfly pattern or the Kangaroo pattern and found that you were unable to add them to your cart, I've fixed the problem. I hear the little guy calling for me, so I must go now!
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