Happy Halloween!

Challenge Day 12 Just a quick post today. I've been on the computer too long as it is already fighting with my download software and my eyes are going buggy. First, a picture of the completed KAL: Maple Leaf Dishcloth I have not yet added the completed pattern to the Free page, but I will get to it ASAP. In the meantime, all the rows for the pattern can be found over the previous 6 days in entries in this blog. Here is a picture of the pattern that I just added to the website: Seahorse Dishcloth I know that it has nothing to do at all with Halloween or Autumn or any of the upcoming holidays, but I thought it was cute. And he sort of goes along with the Happy Whale from the other day. Plus, I have another sea animal themed cloth that I've knitted that I'll be putting up sometime in the upcoming few days. You can find the Seahorse Dishcloth pattern available for purchase on the "New" page for $1.49.
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