I am tired!

*Sigh* I have spent most of my free moments today fiddling around with the shopping cart for the pattern website. After numerous frustrating attempts, it looks like I've found the simplest solution of all. I stumbled across Payloadz which is basically a shopping cart for digital goods that is hosted on their server and uses Paypal for processing payments. Gee...it's exactly what I needed, it just took me the entire day to find it. I have four patterns uploaded to the site and now just have to code the page over at the website. But not tonight. I'm way too tired. So, I'll just leave you with a tease of what will soon be available: I also still have in the works a Mitten Dishcloth and a Sled Dishcloth. They've been charted and written out, but I still have to knit them up.
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