I've been busy!

I know I haven't posted in over a week, but I've been super busy. I've designed 7 (!) dishcloths for Easter/Spring. I have them all charted out, patterns written and typed up and all I have to do is knit them!

If I knit really fast, I should have them done in about 4 days. Of course that's if nothing else comes along, so I'd better be a little more realistic about that. Probably in a week I'll have them ready to go up on Designs by Emily.

And not to mention, I want to knit this months KAL. I'm psyched that it's a diagonal cloth. I love knitting those. I think they go so much faster than regular ones. (As if dishcloths aren't fast enough! LOL) I just love that feeling of finishing something up and being ready to start a new project. Of course I have three (or more) "regular" knitting projects that have been languishing in the background for months. I'll get to them some day.

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