Let the clean up begin!

Today I tackled the mess in the corner. I'm nowhere near finished, but I have a bunch of projects I've found. Project #1: Chemo Cap for A. Two and a half years ago, A. was diagnosed with and treated for testicular cancer. I knit him several caps. This one never got finished. Guess he doesn't need it now. Won't fit him now that he has hair again. A little too basic for anything else. Ripping it out. Rescued a set of 16" circular Addi Turbos in size 6 that I forgot I had! Project #2: Sweet Clover Table Runner. This is a thread crochet project that I've been working on for my mom periodically for about 3 years. I'm about 25% done. She'll love it if I ever finish. Keeping it. Project #3: String Bag. Another thread crochet project. I'm a little undecided about this one. I think I'll really like having the bag once it's done for taking to the beach. However, it takes forever. Keeping for now, but may abandon in the future. Project #4: Child's Guernsey. This pattern comes from Debbie Bliss's How to Knit book. It was the second sweater I was going to knit for my older son M. The first one I failed at, having destroyed the neckline somehow and he was unable to get it over his head and I was not advanced enough to fix it. This sweater I worked very slowly at and eventually gave up. M. eventually got too big for it. So I ripped it out and began again in a larger size for my younger son, thinking that this time I'll finish it. Nope. This sweater is DOOMED. For whatever reason, I don't want to make it. Frogging it and reclaiming the yarn, even if it is just Lion Brand Wool-Ease. No needles to rescue as I had long since put the project on stitch holders. Project #5: Back to School Cardigan. A crocheted cardigan using Red Heart Kids Yarn. I made one for my younger son T. using these colors. I had picked out a green and blue color for M. but he wanted the crayon colors too. Returned all the green and blue and bought the crayon yarn. Began crocheting (made the matching hat and mittens first for both boys), and never finished M's cardigan. Which is just as well. T. was never very thrilled about wearing his. I know that M. wouldn't have worn his. No point in frogging to save the yarn. It's cheap acrylic and besides, I still have this much: Project #6: Knit fur Trimmed Poncho. I love this pattern! I don't know why I stopped knitting on it. I think this will be a very cute poncho to wear to work. Moving this up in my list of things to work on. Project #7: Microspun Poncho. Sigh. Big mistakes in the knitting. I don't know what I was doing...sleeping while knitting? Already frogged it once because I tried to alter the pattern. Need to frog it again to fix the mistakes. I like the pattern, but this might become the poncho that never was. Will frog and re-knit. That is it so far. But I know that I have several more piles to go through. It's taking me a while because at the same time, I am documenting all the yarn (not involved in projects) and needles that I have. I'm a little surprised at all the yarn that I have that I do not have projects in mind for. I really thought that I generally bought yarn for projects. Either that, or I've simply forgotten what my original intent was.
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