More stash finds.

I'm still very slowly going through my stash. Mostly I'm now just logging all the needles and half-used skeins of yarn that I have. But, I've found a couple of more projects to post. Project #8: Magic Stripes Sock. This is my first attempt at making socks. I started the pair last summer! I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I don't think the sock making frenzy has hit me yet. Not only can't I graft the toe properly (look closely at the very wacked toe seam), but I can't make any headway on the second sock. I think it has something to do with using size 2 needles. Way too tiny for me right now. I will finish that sock though, so I can say that I have knitted a pair of socks. Besides, what good does one sock do me? Project #9: Crochet Afghan. I started this not too long ago. This is what I plan to work on when I need a little crochet break from knitting. It also matches my living room perfectly and will look lovely in there next winter (by the time I finish it!) Definitely keeping it. Just a little post for now. I might have more finds after I dive back in there tomorrow or Saturday.
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