No knitting news. In fact, I won't be knitting for several days at least. Yesterday at school I smashed my finger in the bathroom door! (I guess I'll do anything to get out of attending a workshop.) Luckily, it was a district wide workshop and my mother was there. She drove me to the hospital, which amazingly was just about empty. A few x-rays later, the nice doctor has determined that my finger is not broken, just badly smushed, and oh yes I need a tetanus shot since "I can't remember" is the wrong answer to "When was your last tetanus shot?" So I now have this lovely splint covering my middle finger, and if I'm not careful about how I hold my hand, I'm making an obscene gesture at everyone. All of this just when I was close to finishing M.'s hat. I have made him mittens out of Sirdar's Snowflake that he absolutely loves (no picture because he always has them at school when I think to take the picture.) And now I'm about two-thirds of the way done with his hat. I just need to knit another inch or two and then I can start shaping the crown. I probably would have finished it today if I could have been knitting last night instead of keeping my hand embedded in an ice pack. Hopefully I'll be back to using it in a day or two. Here's the hat:
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