Four Square Love Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Valentine's Day Dishcloths

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, but there's still plenty of time to knit a gift from the heart. I have many Valentine's Day dishcloth patterns that feature hearts or are perfect for showing your sweetheart your love. Knit dishcloths are the perfect gift for me to make. I'm so busy lately that I have trouble finishing any project I start. But a dishcloth is quick to start and finish...just a couple of hours and you have a lovely little design that is useful too. Wrap one or two of the cloths below with some scented soaps and you have a thoughtful gift ready to give. Browse my Valentine's Day dishcloths by clicking here to visit by shop, or you can add any of the patterns below directly to your cart simply by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. Send your loved one a special knitted message! This first Valentine knit dishcloth pattern is a picture of a hand making the sign for "I Love You" in American Sign Language. Next, is my Love knit dishcloth pattern. The word Love is surrounded by hearts. Four Square Love knit dishcloth pattern is a picture of the word LOVE arranged in a square. Two of the letters are in garter stitch and the other two are in relief within a square of garter stitch. Heart Balloon Trio is a whimsical design of three heart shaped balloons floating away with strings trailing. Four Square Hearts complements the Four Square Love dishcloth very nicely. Four hearts are arranged in a square with two hearts are in garter stitch and two in relief within a square of garter stitch. I Heart U is a perfect design for letting your sweetheart know just how you feel! I also have two more Valentine's Day dishcloths available for free on my Free Pattern page.
Heart Knit Dishcloth Heart Knit Dishcloth
Heart Lollipop Knit Dishcloth Heart Lollipop Knit Dishcloth
Theses two knit Valentine's Day dishcloth patterns may be downloaded for free and are a sweet way to brighten your day.
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