This has been one awful and crazy month for me.

We've had round after round of illness over here at my house. Between bronchitis and pneumonia, the kids and I kept getting knocked down. My two year old got pneumonia so bad around Thanksgiving he was in the hospital for almost a week. But we are all finally on the upswing and healthy, just in time for Christmas.

I've also been working hard for the last month (when I've been feeling well enough) to redo a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff on the main part of the Designs by Emily website. I've not been very happy with the download software that I purchased in the spring. It always worked 'ok' but never 'great'. I wanted something to work GREAT! I had decided to switch over to a shopping cart format. And I wanted visitors to the site really not to notice too much difference if at all possible.

Finally after about two weeks of frustration of trying to do it on my own, I found a great shopping cart software that I purchased for a very reasonable price, and I've spent the last couple of weeks customizing it and setting it up. I think it looks great. The only two differences are that I had to move the menu over to the right side and the layout of the patterns. But other than that, the site looks basically the same. Purchases are still through PayPal and downloading the patterns are much, much easier. I'm very happy.

That's what I've been up to instead of knitting. But now I can get back to it all. I have a great free pattern that I want to put out for Christmas. And I have to think of something for the December KAL. I am going to delay that by a few days because starting a KAL on Christmas Eve really doesn't make much sense. And I know that I do still owe all my cheerleaders their participation patterns from the big Challenge. I'm just so far behind on things!! I will get caught up!

And I just thought of something...January is fast approaching. Didn't I say something about starting another Challenge in January? Oh boy! I better start thinking about that too! LOL Stay tuned for details on the January Challenge. That will be here before I know it (and before I'm ready)!

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