I finally have a few minutes to myself to post all my knitting pictures that I took Thursday morning. I was uploading to blogger one at a time and then saving them as drafts, but apparently one snuck through on me. (Does anyone have a better way to upload pictures to blogger? I use Hello and I can only send one up at a time.....very annoying.) The one that got through is of Mya and the To Dye For Sweater. Mya is one of our kittens-almost-grown-cats and you can just see some of the beautiful Suri Dream yarn she's laying on. Here are some other pictures I took that morning: This is the Warm Winter Poncho made from Lionbrand's Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. Tia is our white and gray-ish kitty, and Mya is sticking her nose in. Here Mya is trying to hog the camera all for herself. This is the back of the To Dye For Sweater. Mya proceeded to lay all over this after I snapped the picture. Mya and I were having a bit of difference of opinon about the front of the sweater. She insists that it is her plaything. But, I finally got her off long enough to show you. And of course after all this picture taking, I have a jealous boy who simply must have his taken. In the two seconds it takes to snap a picture of jealous boy, Tia decides my sweater is her own personal playground. "I know I can wrestle this thing...." "Maybe if I bite it, that will help...." And that's the end of the slide show. :) Next time we'll have to see if I can get our old scaredy cat in the picture.
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