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Designs by Emily

Mystery Dishcloth Knit-a-Long Subscription

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Join us for the wildly popular Mystery Dishcloth Knit-a-Long!

A fun knitting surprise. Watch the picture appear as you knit. Take guesses on the design with our active community.

Choose from two different plans (or get them both in the Gold+Silver Bundle!)

Gold Subscription  Silver Subscription
  • Starts the first Monday of the month
  • A BRAND-NEW pattern for each KAL
  • Receive a code to download the complete pattern at the end of the KAL
  • One-time purchase price: $2.99 - the regular price of all dishcloth patterns
  • Starts the third Monday of the month
  • Patterns are chosen from existing ones in the shop
  • Receive a code to download the complete pattern at the end of the KAL
  • One-time purchase price: $2.69 - SAVE 10% off regular pattern prices.

Can't decide? Pick the Gold+Silver Bundle and save 10%! Save even more by choosing monthly or quarterly recurring billing.

Choose your commitment level.

No Commitment
  • One-time purchase
  • No subscription or recurring billing set up
  • No discount 
Monthly Recurring Billing
  • Billed on the last day of every month
  • Cancel after two months
  • 15% discount on all tiers
Quarterly Recurring Billing
  • Billed every 3 months on the last day of the month
  • Cancel any time before next billing cycle
  • 20% discount on all tiers

Answers to All Your Questions (Click for more info)

What is a Knit-a-Long? A Knit-a-Long (KAL) is an online event where many people are all knitting the same pattern at the same time. It's a fun way to connect with others. I have a discussion group where you can post questions, images of your knitting, and take guesses at the design.

How does it work? Once or twice per month, you'll be sent emails for five days. Each day will contain about 11 rows of a dishcloth pattern. At the end of the week, you'll have a finished dishcloth.

Why is it called a Mystery? I keep the name of the pattern and the design a secret until the end. It's lots of fun watching the design come out day by day.

When will I be charged? You will be charged immediately upon placing an order for a subscription. Your next billing date will be synchronized to the last day of the month/quarter.

However, you may have to wait several weeks to start receiving the emails, depending upon the date you joined.

- If you joined in the last week or two of the month, you're all set and will be added to the email list for the next KAL.

- If you joined right before a KAL is supposed to start and you’re not getting the emails, you may have missed the window. Please contact me so I can make sure your subscription will start properly.

When do the emails get sent out? I start sending out the emails on the first and third Mondays of each month. You'll receive one reminder email a few days beforehand. And then Monday through Friday you'll receive the emails with part of the pattern. Saturday you'll get a final email revealing the name and an option to download the complete pattern.

I've subscribed in the past; will I get duplicate patterns?

- Gold tier subscribers will NEVER get duplicates. A new pattern is created each month.

- Silver tier subscribers may possibly get duplicates. If you already own many of my patterns, I might choose one you have. I also keep track of all the patterns I've ever used for the KAL. I have so many to choose from, I will not have to start repeating for many more years.

I already own the pattern; can I get a different one? No. I'm sorry, but I can't keep track of all the patterns all my customers own. If you are worried about duplicates, I suggest you choose the Gold subscription tier.

Need to know more? Contact me and I'll be happy to help!


1. Choose Your Subscription Tier: (Click for more info)

First, Choose Your Subscription Tier:

- Gold Subscription: Emails are sent beginning the 1st Monday of the month. New Pattern for each month!

- Silver Subscription: Emails are sent beginning the 3rd Monday of the month.

- Gold+Silver Bundle: Want to knit more often? Choose the bundle and save 10% off of purchasing Gold and Silver separately.

Subscription Tier

2. Select a Subscription Option (Click for more info)

Next, Choose Your Subscription Term: The longer you commit to a subscription, the more you save.

Don't want to commit? Select One Time Purchase. You'll be added to the email list for one month and you will not have a renewing subscription.

There is no discount with this option, but it is a great way to try it out.

Subscribe and Save: Committing to a subscription earns you a discount.

Monthly Recurring Subscription:

- Billed on the last day of each month for the upcoming month.

- 15% Discount.

- Two month minimum commitment.

- Cancel any time after two months.

Quarterly Recurring Subscription:

- Billed once every 3 months on the last day of the month. You'll be all set to participate for the next 3 months.

- 20% Discount.

- Cancel any time before next billing period.

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